A Funding Mechanism For Ministries that Doesn't Interrupt

The Normal Giving Patterns Of A Church Or Ministry

For most churches & ministries to survive financially they mist be in a continual fundraising mode. Either ministry partners are courted for their discretionary dollars or huge amounts of time and resources are spent every year with, mailings, stewardship programs or fundraising dinners. And that is all well and good, but it seems like a continual cycle of events that take a lot of time away from the ministry aspect of your ministry organization. And for what? A one-time financial gift. But what if thousands of dollars every month could come to your ministry without having to put forth the usual taxing efforts for a short-term funding fix? is there a fundraising mechanism where donors can continually give to your ministry even when they themselves are facing financial difficulties? Locker 81FS provides an answer and a solution with their SMART GIVING program.